Day: September 14, 2021

Team Rice vs 1956 XiFeng&HomePark @ Minoru2

Team Rice 4
Jackson Chan 9m
Patrick Lam 18m
Danny Yu 21m
Justin Ming 63m
Keeper: Kevin Kei
Peter Bian – Y USB
Team list with numbers

1956 XiFeng 1?
#11 8m
Keeper: Boring Gao
Yellow #11, USB

Team list – No NUMBERS

No cards


SR Sports vs Pacific Dragon 40 @ Minoru Oval

SR Sports 40 – 1 vs Pacific Dragons40- 2

SR Sports

Goal keepers – Yi Yang

Goal Scorer’s

#9 Jiang Fu

Cautions/ Ejections

#3 Gao Bo – Yellow, USB, Careless challenge, kicking at player as he goes by him on the attacking half of field.

Pacific Dragons40

Goal keepers – Andy Sau Fung Chan

Goal Scorer’s

#53 Sunny Luk

#Own Goal

Cautions/ Ejections

#5 Daniel Chun Ching Chan – Yellow, USB, used Foul language in a heated exchange of words, told him to “Fuck off”. More of a “frustrated” curse word.

Good match, chances at both ends. Solid defense at both ends.

SR Sports challenged me at every call against them, they were the more aggressive team.

**Official Team list provided by SR Sports, written one provided by Pac Dragons at the half.

**Linesmen provided by SR Sports, none by Pac Dragons

Regards, Harry Rahiman