Day: November 19, 2021

Automind 50 vs SoccerHolic SC @ Minoru 2

Automind 4
Soccerholics 1
Soccerholics goal by Phan Hung Henry
Automind goals by Frankie Hui, Hoi Fong, Leslie Lee, Ven Leung
Automind goalie was Kenny MacDonald
Soccerholics goalie was Andy Lam

One yellow card went to Soccerholics player Ky Nguyen for USB
Cheers. Kirby


Pacific Dragon 50 vs Unicorn 50 @ Richmond High

Unicorn 50       2                v            Pac D50      0
Shane Phan    2 goals
   12m      55m
Man yau     Li             KEEPERS       Peter Wai KIT Cheung
Both teams provided lists and a linesman
Game played in a friendly manner