Day: March 14, 2023


PD 40 vs Park Georgia Insurance @ Oval (Cup game final)

Park Georgia Insurance 40 – 2  vs  Pacific Dragons 40 – 0


Park Georgia Insurance 40

Goal keepers – Keli Lai


Goal Scorer’s

# 11 – Brendon Duckki Hong

# 16– Naoya Inoue


Cautions/ Ejections

# 09 – Wen Xue, Yellow, USB, Tripping thru the back, of opposing player

# 13 – Terry Kim, RED, after a 50/50 challenge with the keeper who made a good save. Terry trips over him, gets up and yells “you motherfucker” at him.

# 16 – Naoya Inoue ,Yellow, USB, Naoya comes together with opposing player both pushing but Naoya uses hands to the face (not a punch)



Pacific Dragons 40

Goal keepers – Chi Chung Alpha


Goal Scorer’s


Cautions/ Ejections

# 13 – Thompson Cheuk, Yellow, Persistent infringements of the Laws, too many fouls committed by Thompson

# 03 – Peter Pui Fai Leung Yellow, USB, grabs and then trips attacking player

# 11 – Philip Chi Hang Leung, Yellow, USB, Trips and tackles opposing player while not playing the ball



Good match, physical at times. Park Georgia was the better team today.

Regards, Harry