Director meeting minute – AGM Mar 5, 2018


Location: One Plus One Café (Richmond)
Date: Monday, March 5, 2018
Time: 19:00pm-21:00pm
Facilitator: Stantey Ngai

Attendees: Chairman Stanley Ngai, Vice-Chairman Philip Tong, Secretary
General Vincent Lau, Director Frankie Lam, Thomas Sin, Danny Lam,
Sammy Ho, William SI, Ignatius Tsui, Karl So, Raymond Zhao, Stephen
Leung, Thomas Si
Absence: Andy Sum Li, Roger Wong, Denial Poon
#: Director Andy Sum Li sends an email to the board for resignation from
his director position
Minute by: Karl So


1. Welcome Jonathan Lee to the board. Referred by Sam &Karl

• Jonathan Lee introduces himself to the board
• Stanley briefs talk about BCCSF history

2. Youth

• Regarding RFC application. BCCSF Youth submitted
application form last christmas time
• Somehow we don’t meet the requirement since not meet
75% of member who lives in Richmond
• Thomas mentions recently local Richmond students lose,
new join in member mostly from outside of Richmond

• Many competitors, lots of Youth Soccer training, hard to
have enough student.
• Wait for chairman meeting, or wait for rewrite of by-law
• Promise to get more local student
• RFC wrote this down in their minute, we need to contact
them for update
Back up plan:
• Affiliated with other club
U8/U10 going to tournament on this April 2018, $20-32 each student
3. Old Timer (Stephen Leung)

• All division (40 &50) winter season ends at the end of
March 2018
• April starts summer league
• Over 40 – 8 teams 3 rnd + cup (may change to 2 round
depends on field and schedule)
• Over 50 – 9 teams 2 rnd + cup
• So far no team add/drop
4. Open division in summer

• Please see Sam attachment for detail
• Aim for 8 teams
• Field not confirm yet, aim for Sunday 2-6pm HughBoyd
• Team fee – $1000?
• Approach all league
• Jonathan proves read introduction

5. Nationscup 2018

• BCCSF Summer League Stop 1 week or 2 ? Not yet
• Tournament date: July 20, 21, and 22, 2018
• Philip suggests League core players go first
• Sammy Ho may not be the main person response the
NationsCup 2018
• A BCCSF NationsCup 2018 planning group will be formed

#Philip Tong mentions there will be an event for Unicorn FC 20 years
anniversary at Aug 11, 2018. He will invite BCCSF be part of the event.
Details will be announced later
BCCSF NationsCup 2018 planning group
Stanley Ngai
Philip Tong
Frankie Lam
Sammy Ho
Karl So
Jonathan Lee
First meeting
Date: Monday March 19, 2018
Time: 7pm
Venue: TBD

Next Meeting: (Monday May 7, 2018)

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