Awards Presentation Dinner 2018

Awards Presentation Dinner of BCCSF  is over on 26th October. Every players enjoyed the mood of  the event  very much. The pictures of the event will post in the Photo Gallery of our web site within these 2 day. Hoping every player will share the interest with them.

Game cancelled

Hi Teams Manager,
Just received the message from City of Richmond,  on October 31st 2018 (Wednesday)
  both fields on Minour#2 and Minoru Oval are closed due to the “Annual Fireworks”,
game will be reschedule, please inform your players accordingly.  Thank you

Turf of Minoru Oval will be closed

Hi All Teams Manager,
We were informed that by City of Richmond the fields on  Minoru Oval  are going to be shut down from
October 22nd to 26th 2018  due to the exterior electrical system connection ,  there will be no games on
the 23 and 24  on Oval fields only,   Minoru 2 will be continue , please inform your players accordingly. Thanks.

VSSE Charity Cup 2018 (Final Game)

The final game of VSSE Charity Cup will be held on 30th (Sunday) September 2018 on Manoah Steve Park. Vancouver Sower Society of Education will provide hot dogs to the players on the field. All players of BCCSF and their children are welcom in this event. You can bring your children to watch the game and enjoy the hot dog.

11:00 M. Steve e. Winkle Kwan (Unicorn 50) VSSE (High Fire 50)
11:00 M. Steve w. Sam (Pacific Dragon 50) Harrison (Golden Tea)
14:00 M. Steve e. Winkle Kwan (High Fire 40) VSSE (High Canada)
14:00 M. Steve w. Solution Finacial (Pacific Dragon 40) Sower Friends (Team Rice)