Vote for your ideally BCCSF old timer league division

Please vote your ideally age group division for BCCSF old timer league. Pick up to 3 age group as your preference
卑斯省華人足球總會收到不少球隊球員對年齡分組的查詢, 特借此公开投票, 希望收到更多不同的意見, 不需要登記投票, 可投最多三個選擇, 每人皆可!

We consider that the result of the vote will become a very important reference for us, However it does not mean that it is the final decision from BCCSF.
重申:投票结果会成为我们重要的參考资料, 但並不代表是本會的最终決定。

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Pictures of Team China over 30

The pictures of Team China Over 30 is available in our Photo Gallery. Please click Media in the top Menu of the web site, then click Gallery. You can see our players of Team China Over 30 in game of Nations Cup 2018. Hoping you can share the interest of them.