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NationsCup 2022 Team China Coaches and Committees

Team China Committee Group

Philip Tong

Sammy Ho

Karl So

Vincent Lau

Stephen Leung 

Thomas Sin

Techincal Director: Stanley Chan

Coaches and managers

Men Open

Coach : Felix Xu

Goalie Coach /Assist coach  Barson Tin

Assist Coach : Boris Si

Manager Parvel Yim

Men Over 30 

Coach: Albert Leung

Manager: Felix Chiu, Sunny Wu

Men Over 38

Coach: Mark Wu

Manager: Henry Xie

Men Over 45

Coach: Gilbert Kan

Manager: Patrick Chan

Men Over 52

Coach: Vincent Lau

Manager: Thomas Sin

Women Open

Coach: Mandhir Punia

Manager: Grey Ng, Pardeep Punia, 

Yen Fong

Boy U18

Coach : Paul Sidhu

Assist Coach : John Castanos

Manager: Ming Cai

Girl U18

Coach: Mandhir Punia

Assist Coach : Grey Ng

Manager: Pardeep Punia 


To All Teams Manager,

Finally, the BCCSF is extremely pleased with Public Health Order updates and we are fully committed to the Restart Plan. City of Richmond will release turf field to public recreation using purpose in as short as 2 weeks. BCCSF has come up a decision and would like to share to all the clubs and divisions.

We will continue the winter league scheduled games until end of August, however, no league points and standing will be counted. We take it as a summer fun league!

There are many reasons behind our decision. After a long period of pandemic lockdown, most of the players are out of fitness, a high competitive game will easily make us injury. Secondly, the COVID-19 situation is still unstable, there could be another lockdown once the numbers gone worse. Last but not least, we would like to start take this easy slowly get our sport back on track for September Winter league 2021-22. 

We need every team manager to contact your team players. Please get back to us if your team want to participate the summer fun league, or totally withdraw from the season. Please let us know by Saturday midnight May 29. If any team decide to withdraw, a refund will be issued after deduced necessary expense and admin fee.

Summer fun league.

  • Continue winter division and schedule until end of August
  • No league points counted and no trophy
  • Referee is optional, we can arrange if teams would like to share
  • Starting on June 14 (assume city of Richmond would confirm our field by next week) first 2 weeks will be team self-practice and training, or friendly. 
  • League game starts on week of July 5.

While this step in the Return to Play process is a positive one, the BCCSF priority is still the health and safety of all our players and their families. Therefore, all team will continue to follow our existing safety protocols which include:

1. No spectators invited

2. Masks for all coaches, staff and players when at check-in or line up outside the gate

3. Hand and equipment sanitation

4. Covid Screening form for all individuals on the field

5. Social distancing when and where appropriate 

BCCSF appreciate your team’s contribution and would like to work thing out together. Please let us know by Saturday midnight, thanks!








  • 然續冬季的餘下賽事至八月底為止。
  • 所有賽事將不會計算積分及排名,亦沒有奬杯。
  • 球證不是必須的,但如果球隊想要,足總會安排,球證費則需由兩隊分擔。
  • 由六月十四日開始的三個禮拜,會用作友賽及熱身。
  • 正式賽事由七月五日開始。


1: 不邀請觀眾

2: 所有人事在球場外必須佩帶口罩

2: 手及球和工具必須消毒

4: 填寫covid 申報表

5: 務必注意社交距離



Great News for youth Summer camp

As government related to COVID-19 are being slowly lifted, BCCSF will work as a partnership with RUSC ( Richmond United Soccer Club _ website: ) & FUSION and offers Summer Camp 2020 starting from Jul 06 – Aug 14 for those boys and girls born 2016-2003.

The camps will be conducted to ensure sessions are physically active and conducted in a safe fun environment under the guidelines of BC Soccer.

Registration for Summer Camp is now open ! We have :


Junior Camp _ Jul06-10, Jul13-17, Jul20-24, Aug10-24
5 Sessions

Senior Camp _ Jul06-10, Jul13-17, Jul20-24, Aug10-24
5 Sessions

Mini-Micro Camp _ Jul13-17, Jul20-24, Aug10-24
5 Sessions

EVENING Training Camp on Tuesday & Thursday :
6 Sessions

EVENING Training Camp on Monday & Wednesday :
6 Sessions

EVENING Training Camp on Tuesday & Thursday :
6 Sessions

We also offer Goalkeeper Training  and …..more, please refer to the attachment ( 2020 Summer Camps Schedule )

How’s to registration :

Please DOWNLOAD ) and fill it complete and drop off to Soccer Link ( 114-4940, No.3 Road, Richmond, BC V6X 3A5 )

  • Please make the cheque payable to “ Richmond Girls Soccer Association “
  • 2020 Summer Camps Schedule for your reference

Any further questions, you can call Danny at 604.7851068 or Thomas at 604.2182031 or Frankie at 604.3776337

Hoping to see all our boys and girls on the pitch soon.

Danny and Thomas and Frankie

On behalf of BCCSF

Vote for your ideally BCCSF old timer league division

Please vote your ideally age group division for BCCSF old timer league. Pick up to 3 age group as your preference
卑斯省華人足球總會收到不少球隊球員對年齡分組的查詢, 特借此公开投票, 希望收到更多不同的意見, 不需要登記投票, 可投最多三個選擇, 每人皆可!

We consider that the result of the vote will become a very important reference for us, However it does not mean that it is the final decision from BCCSF.
重申:投票结果会成为我们重要的參考资料, 但並不代表是本會的最终決定。

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