Chinese New Year Cup 2015 (over 40)

Hi All Teams Manager,

We are going to try a new format in our Chinese New Year Cup  this year,  and actually is the same format we use in our Ever Green Tournament before.
Format   :  – 9 teams will divided into 3 division for a single round robin.  
                   – Top 3 teams in the league after this week results will be set as Seed and the remain teams will enter the group as follows:
 Div. A:   No. 1 position   (Seed)      Div. B:   No. 2 position  (Seed)     Div. C:  No. 3 position  (Seed)
               No. 4 position                                 No. 5 position                               No. 6 position
               No. 7 position                                 No. 8 position                               No. 9 position
Regulations  :    Maximum points         :   10 points
                            Win                                 :     6 points
                            Draw                              :      3 points
                            Lose                                :     0 points
                            Gain 1 goal                    :      1 points (Maximum 3 points)
                            Bonus                             :      1 point   (0 goal from opponent)
 (Example :  One team win 4:0 then the points will be 6+3+1=10 points.    If result 4:1 then will be 6+3= 9 points
                      – Top 3 teams will enter the final round for the Champion and Top 2 teams will enter the Consolations
                      – Same calculation method are using in the final round for the Champion
                      – If equal points, the winner has to decided by goal difference +/- , and last "Flip the coin" by the referee
Rewards       :  Only One Champion in each final two Divisions.
Reminder   :  –  No players transfer from today onwards
                        –  Players are not allow to play for another teams in the same season-40s only
                        –  Referee has the right to check any player's ID for under-age if necessary
  –  If the player checked is unable to provide a valid ID, then the team will be disqualified accordingly
Cheers and have fun,
On behalf of BCCSF