Director meeting (AGM 2017 ) – November, 13th 2017



Location: One Plus One Café (Richmond)
Date: Monday, November, 13th 2017
Time: 18:00pm-21:00pm
Facilitator: Vincent Lau, Stephen Leung

Attendees: Chairman Vincent Lau, Director Frankie Lam, Thomas Sin, Danny Lam, Sammy Ho, Andy Sum Li, Philip Tong, William SI, Denial Poon, Ignatius Tsui, Karl So, Raymond Zhao, Roger Wong, Stephen Leung, Thomas Si, and Stanley Ngai

(Andy Sum Lee leaves at 8pm authorized Vincent Lau to vote for him if necessary)

Absence: King Keung Law

Minute by: Karl So


  1. Director’s Responsibility and Conduct (Vincent)
  • Suggestion on Directors and Committee Structure by adding a role of Secretary General report to Chairman – Oversee 5 sub-division, Discipline, League, Referee, Youth & Treasurer
  • Change have been suggested as Referee & Discipline should under League. Since we don’t need 2 vice-chairman, changed to 1 vice-chairman and 1 Secretary General under chairman
  • Please see chart 1.0 below.
  • Discipline & Referee director report to League
  • League, Youth and Treasurer report to Vice-Chairman & Secretary General
  • League, Youth and Treasurer shall manage to give all decision unless necessary to consult with Vice-Chairman & Secretary General
  • Chairman, Vice-Chairman & Secretary General shall version on main direction, while department head manage all details
  • 3 department head not yet confirmed until next meeting (held on Nov 27, 2017)



  1. Director’s Attendance
  • Formal director meeting held every 2nd Monday of 2 month, Director have to attend 4 out of 6 annually.
  • Unless given reason to believe otherwise a director will be dismissed if he missed 3 meeting of a year (total 6 meetings)
  • Next Meeting will be held on Nov 27, 2017 (not an official meeting as 2018 year)

  1. Discussion on Referee’s Performance (Vincent Lau)

Regarding on the issue of complaining referee Doug

Stephen reports:

  • Doug steps down & promises no more as referee by himself. However, can’t 100% guarantee when there is emergency happen.
  • So far no complain, and good to see Doug brings in new & good referee this season

Regarding on the issue of director Andy Sum Lee’s action, “Say NO to bad Ref”

  • Up to this moment, 3 – 4 teams and 3 players sent complain letter on this action.
  • Director Ignatius Tsui points out – There should be a proper way to complain a referee, have to be Name, Where, & When & witness, with detail
  • Director Denial Poon agrees a formal way to complain – He believes Discipline is under League division. All complain have to go through League Department Head first. Andy has done it in an improper way. Denial says everyone stays with his job, can’t go OVER. He adds that this is more less a personal insult action
  • Director Stanley, Frankie, Philip, Sam again indicate this is a failure of the procedure & order of handling. This should be considered as a serious mistake.
  • “SayNoToDoug” this email account not proper as Andy sends out with BCCSF as his signature. Andy Sum Lee says this email is against Doug is more or less likely a personal action.
  • Director Thomas Si suggests our committee shall always solve problem interiorly before release to public. Our goal is to give full trust to scheduler to arrange referee. We should not do their job because of interest of conflict
  • Andy Sum Lee explains could be too passion to BCCSF, Over-react to achieve the goal he would like to, and he believes Scheduler look for referee could be selfish, not fair to the federation. and he also has doubt about Doug’s system


Final: Vincent Lau says obviously Sum has done something improperly upon this case. BCCSF have to be as 1 unit, we protect ourselves and solve problem internally before release to outside. Philip suggests all BCCSF issue should have to be discussed by Chairman, V-Chairman & Secretary General in the future. Stanley recommends for everything good and bad, the board facing difficulties and solving problem TOGETHER. If our goal is for the BCCSF, everything starts from there.

Sum apologizes to Steven Leung & Daniel Poon what he has done, takes a leave on 8pm and authorized Vincent Lau to vote for him if necessary


  1. Winter League Report (Daniel/Stephen)
  • Over 40’s
  • Over 50’s

So far so good. Regarding Raymond’s case, the problem solved. HomePark40’s goalie is good now. All source is depends on Referee’s report which indicates the game is good, nothing BCCSF could do. Also friendly reminder for Raymond’s temper in the game. (Raymond explained the situation and nothing was intentionally). HP injury player’s wife wanted to sue the referee and the team, Somehow, Raymond did it his way to settle it, appreciated.

  • Monday Night Games Possibility (Can’t work on schedule as many players can’t make it on Monday. Action on hold at this moment)
  • Division Expansion Possibility: Over 30’s, Over 55’/58’s – (Survey to all team manager first, see how many players & team could participate)

Vincent asks what’s our mission of the league? Denial says 10 years ago was “Keep relationship”. However, we shall aim for “Glory of Team China” from now on.


  • Look for existing 30+ players support?
  • Promotion and recruiting for 30s in website to greater Vancouver area, see how many people interested.

Vincent the mentions there is a big gap between open division and 40+ generation. Raymond could bring in 2 teams from Coquitlam, BCCSF could get 2-4 teams to form 30+ division

Discussion Topic: 30, 35’s division suggested to be next meeting topic

  • Youth camp

Denny points out there are getting less players every year in Youth. The reason is kids nowadays have too many choices for exercise.


  1. Combine with Raymond’s youth camp.
  2. 12+ youth student join U12(now U11) league (Already)
  3. BCSA license is a MUST, HAVE TO do it ASAP!
  4. Affiliated with BCSA is a way to back to main stream. However, Fee is an issue, team $50, player $25.

Option: instead of BCSA, Youth can go RYSA Richmond Youth Soccer Association. (Deadline for register is March every year)

Canadian United Nation Children Foundation – Raymond’s connection.

  • 1st condition. total 50+ students
  • 2nd condition, multi-cultural background
  • 3rd, One time sponsorship unless this is a historical event
  • 4th, One to One funding. Have to be equal every dollar sponsor give, same amount of money we have to contribute.

Mid-Dec will be the first meeting. Youth Department have to sit down with Raymond for a plan. (Next meeting topic)

  1. Discipline Committee (Vincent)
  • Proper Process on Handling Complains from Teams
  • Decision Making Process

(Please refers to Agenda topic#1 – Director’s Responsibility and Conduct )

  1. Financial Report (Philip)
  • Current Financial Statement (Current outstanding – Deficit)
  • Thomas will take over as League Treasurer
  • Philip will work with Thomas in the future
  • Hong Kong trip – Deficit in budget – Vincent covered. Appreciated!
  1. Election of New Chairman and Directors (Stanley)

Stanley simplify steps of nomination of director. Re-appoint – Yes/No to existing director, 1 nominate and only need 1 supporter.

  • Total 16 director.
  • Frankie Lam, Thomas Sin, Danny Lam, Sammy Ho, Philip Tong, William Si, Denial Poon, Ignatius Tsui, Karl So, Raymond Zhao, Roger Wong, Stephen Leung, Thomas Si, retain their role of director.
  • Andy Sum Lee nominates himself (Vincent Lau re-elect Andy Sum Lee for him) as director, William Si supports. As a result, Andy Sum Lee retains his director position.
  • King Keung Law will be missed as he will be in Hong Kong for at least 6 months. He will miss at least half of the director formal meeting. He will be dismissed from director. We welcome him back to the board when he is ready.
  • Keep in mind that all director are no entitled duty (2018) at this moment until the meeting of Monday November 27, 2018 (Except Stanley Ngai as Chairman, Philip Tong as Vice-Chairman and Vincent Lau as Secretary General)
  • Director’s term is 2 years. No Limit for the total number of directors.
  • To disqualify a director, the action requires Motion & Second. A director could only be disqualified if a successful vote to be made by equal or over 75% agree.
  • Sam suggests, Jonathan Lee from Soccerholic, as a potential candidate for director in the future.


ElectionVincent Lau = Secretary General (15 vote YES)

Philip Tong = Vice-Chairman (15 votes YES)

Stanley Ngai = Chairman (15 votes YES)

Director: Frankie Lam, Thomas Sin, Danny Lam, Sammy Ho, Andy Sum Li, William Si, Denial Poon, Ignatius Tsui, Karl So, Raymond Zhao, Roger Wong, Stephen Leung, Thomas Si

Closure of Meeting


Closing Speech by Stanley Ngai. He thanks everyone for the new structure suggestion and a trust to him as chairman once again. Hopefully the board would speed up the processing of development on the new system. Things like Youth, Nations cup shall remain what it was. For the direction of League, we shall improve it to be a better one. There is a need to elect department head and re-structure (Discipline & Referee under League) in next meeting, He wishes everything remain the same and be better every day, every meeting is one step closer to perfect. We shall do our best to let public know our job. Stephen & Denial are the main persons to be contacted when handling league issue.



Next (Quick) Meeting: (Monday November 27, 2017)

Topic to be discuss:


  1. Department head duty assign
  2. BCSA Yes/No? For Youth only? For old timer too?
  3. Financial Report

Next formal meeting

Monday Jan 8, 2018




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