Director meeting minute – March 6, 2017


Location: Soccerlink (Richmond)
Date: Monday, March 6, 2017
Time: 19:00pm-21:00pm
Facilitator: Vincent lau

Attendees: Chairman Vincent Lau, Director Frankie Lam, Thomas Sin, Danny Lam, Sammy Ho, Andy Sum Li, King Keung Law, Karl So
Absence: Philip Tong, Roger Wong Stanley Ngai, William Si and Denial Poon.
Minute by: Karl So


Approval of minutes

  • Reject team Viet United joining Summer over 40 league. Vincent has to draft an official email to Team Viet United (Not yet been official announced)


  • Website
    • Suggest to have discipline record shows on the website. Karl will work on the page
    • Create BCCSF email for every director. Done: please refer to Remark #1.
    • If someone would like to have BCCSF email setup, Karl will help
    • Suggest to have complete record for previous seasons, Karl will work on the page
  • Referrer Scheduler Doug has had 2 weeks missing a referrer to game. Suggest Sum Li to commutate with Doug for better referrer arrangement in the future.
  • Suggest to have a division of age 58+. BCCSF will need further discussion on the possibility
    • Worry not enough players
    • Player who plays in both 50+ & 58+ division cannot make it both in 1 week
  • Open League joins with Richmond Soccer League
    • Aim total 8 teams, 14 games + cup games, details please refer to Sam’s Summer Open 2017 document
    • Need to figure the deadline for team registration, then confirm budget & field booking. Sam will follow this it.
  • Youth Training
    • 4 countries tournament between China, Japan, India & Korea
    • 2 month period, 1 game on every 2 week
    • detail please refer to Danny Lam’s document

Unfinished business

Referrer Scheduler -> Do we need to find a new one?


  • Change league Scheduler, Sum Li will gather more information before taking action. BCCSF may need a meeting ONLY for this issue.
  • Form a non-profit organization for Youth training. So that it could follow BCSA regulation
    [Motion by Vincent Lau] All Director agree.
Karl So


Mar 06, 2017


Secretary Date of approval



Remark#1. Left side is the email, will forward to right side email address

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