Director meeting minute – May 7, 2018


Location: 1Plus1 cafe (Richmond)
Date: Monday May 7, 2018
Time: 19:00pm-21:00pm
Facilitator: Vincent lau

Attendees: Chairman Stanley Ngai, Vice-Chairman Philip Tong, General Secretary Vincent Lau, Director Williams Si, Raymond Zhao, Stephen Leung, Daniel Poon, Danny Lam, Sammy Ho, Karl So and Jonathan Lee.
Absence: Frankie Lam, Thomas Sin, Ignatius Tsui (Sing), Roger Wong.


  • Program ends June 9, 2018.
  • Fun day held on June 24 (12-6pm)
  • Summer camp confirm July 3 – Aug 2
  • Field been confirmed
  • Promotion starts this week including Facebook page, poster, sponsor invitation form
  • Member’s form all ready
  • BCSA affiliations- looking for more, Danny Lam will follow up

NationsCup 2018

  • Manager & Coaches confirmed
  • Team Practice – depends on team. Team China 30+ will use Unicorn practice field on Wednesdays
  • Discussion on our own league games before after Nationscup tournament week – 1 week off before Nationscup week
  • Equipment and accessory – buy rather than borrow
  • Set up meeting with coaches & managers – (will arrange)
  • Budgeting – dinners always on manager or coach (seems no solution or budget at this moment)
  • Registration fee & time (about 1.5 month before, Sammy Ho will remind the board)


  • Co-operate with Richmond Senior FC
  • 4 teams in total – Jade Unicorn, EPFC, VVFC and Rangers
  • Schedule: Doug
  • June tournament: Charity type – donation to hospital
    • Invite new teams to join
    • Real figures – Direction not firm yet
    • Sam proposes more team for a tournament, try to build a reputation.
    • Vote: 4+ 4, charity tournament
    • Sammy Ho will follow up and inform the board

Old timer league

  • Everything runs normal except complains about field (Richmond High) lighting not working properly


  • Rejoining the BCSA affiliate
    • Not yet confirmed, will be held on next director meeting. Stephen & Danny, Jonathan will prepare the Pros & Cons for discussion
  • Solution:
    • HomePark realty will become BCSA affiliate, BCCSF can use Homepark realty name to join tournament & league
    • Danny Lam is working on RYA affiliate
    • BCCSF can actually re-apply the BCSA affiliate

Not on agenda

  • William Si mentions there is a friendly team coming over from San Francisco and would like to have a friendly with us (Age 50)
    • BCCSF board decide to group directors as a team.
    • Field confirmed on June 16, 4:30-6:30pm Huge Boyd West Yellow field. Confirmed by Frankie Lam
    • Details such as jersey, squad will be discussed in the Board Whatsapp group
  • Philip Tong mentions there will be a club event for celebrating Unicorn 20 years anniversary on Aug 11, 2018. He will invite BCCSF be part of the event. Details will be announced later
  • Raymond Zhao consider officially press an Appeal on his red card incident from the game May 04, 2018, BCCSF Discipline group will follow up

NEXT Meeting

Date: July 9, 2018 Time & Venue: TBD

Nationscup coaches meeting

Board should start meeting with coaches anytime from now discussing direction, team & player, field, equipment and assistance

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