Director meeting minute – Sep 10, 2018


Location: Vincent’s Solution office (Richmond)
Date: Monday Sep 10, 2018
Time: 19:00pm-21:00pm
Facilitator: Stantey Ngai

Attendees: Chairman Stanley Ngai, Vice-Chairman Philip Tong, Secretary General Vincent Lau, Director Frankie Stephen, Thomas, Williams, Karl
Absence: Sammy, Rogers, Ignatious, Jonathan
Minute by: Karl So


Old Timer:

Incident of High’s vs Unicorn match – Highs Canada sends letter for better communication – they are not looking for appeal but explanation –
1: No Fair to his player
2: Many other involved players (Unicorn) not been punished
We want to be clear that if no appeal, no meeting. Secondly: We explain and would
like to set this as a rule that we could follow. 1: We follow what Referee report that’s why we need referee

Paulo files civil claim, sue against 1Gor, and BCCSF as well. BCCSF as a defender
as BCCSF fail their best for protecting player.
BCCSF reported our insurance, someone follows up
We all have lawyer, and now into a civil processing
For BCCSF as now no liability…


Next meeting

Nov 12, 2018



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