Director meeting minute – September 11, 2018


Location: Soccerlink (Richmond)
Date: Monday May 7, 2018
Time: 19:00pm-21:00pm
Facilitator: Vincent lau

Attendees: Chairman Vincent Lau, Director Frankie Lam, Thomas Sin, Danny Lam, Andy Sum Li, King Keung Law, Philip Tong, William Si, Denial Poon, Karl So.
Absence: Roger Wong, Sammy Ho, Stanley Ngai, and Ignatius Tsui.

Welcome New Director (Raymond Zhao)

  • Welcome New Director Raymond Zhao

Confirm new rules of Director duty (attendance)

  • New law of director attendance: have to attend 4 out of 6 formal director meeting, which been held every 2 month the second Monday.
  • For those director who can’t attend 4 formal director meeting, their director will be automatically switched to “BCCSF honor member” which doesn’t come with the right to vote or make decision on the board.

Next formal director meeting (AGM)
Nov 13, 2017

  • Next director meeting will be held on the second Monday of November 13, 2017. As for Chairman Vincent’s request, this meeting will be an AGM meeting. A new chairman will be elected that day.


  • Referee

    • Doug is no longer the head referee of RFC. He is still helping BCCSF over 40 & 50 referee scheduling but strictly forbidden him to officiate any of BCCSF games.
    • Vincent will call him
    • BCCSF requests referee to treat our games seriously as Open Division
  • Summer League

    • Open Division
      • So far so good, consider following same format next year
    • Over 40 Division
      • Good on Summer division, Winter division starts this week. Following the format of 2 round with a cup game
    • Over 50 Division
      • Good on Summer division, Winter division starts this week. Following the format of 2 round with a cup game
      • 2 new teams join Winter Season 2017-2018. introducing HighFire FC 50 and NACCCA
    • Discuss to form a Over 30 Division
      • There is a need for providing opportunity to those player age between 30 to 40 year old, this is better to form a division for this age group.
      • Chairman Vincent requests director Raymond to help on bring in Chinese team from other league.
      • Minimum 4 teams to form this division.
    • Schedule change suggest
      • 4 football clubs have sent teams on both over 40 & 50 division. They prefer their over 40 game scheduled on Tuesday.
      • BCCSF try to book field on Monday & Tuesday for Over 40. Thursday & Friday for Over 50.
    • Summer League Award Dinner
      • 22, 2017 at Shun Feng Seafood Restaurant, Richmond
      • Every director donates $20 for lucky draw, Law sir collects and hand to Frankie for gift selection.
    • Youth Program
      • Summer youth camp completed successfully
      • Sept 16, 2017 new 1 year program starts (Sat 4:30-6:30pm at HugeBoyd)
      • U12 joins BCASL league every Sundays Sept – Nov 2017
      • Suggest join youth training with Raymond’s Chinese youth program after Dec 2017. Currently both training schedule over lapped.
    • Website
      • Karl has designed new website and now mirroring with another domain, BCCSF.INFO.
      • New website will launch in second week after winter season start
      • An invoice will bill to BCCSF for the hosting & domain renewal
      • Youth program will also have their own page,
    • 2017 HongKong Soccer Torunament
      • First meeting & practice held on Wednesday Sep 13, 2017 Minoru #2 @ 9pm
      • Thank you SolutionAutoLease & Raymond Zhao sponsor this tournament
      • New jersey will be done by next Wednesday Sep 20, 2017
      • Thanks Raymond sponsors 3 quarter Adidas Sport pant for all player
    • New Chairman Election
      • Chairman Vincent Lau will withdraw his position due to personal reason
      • New AGM meeting held at November 13, 2017. It will be a dinner type, venue to be determined. Referrer Scheduler -> Do we need to find a new one?

Next meeting topic

  • New Chairman Election
  • Announce new duty of director, the attendance
  • Form Division Over 30 ?
  • Combine youth program ?
  • Introduce more director to the board ?

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