Season: Over 40 Winter 2021 - 2022

Over 40 Winter 2021 – 2022

Team Rice vs 1956 XiFeng&HomePark @ Minoru2

Team Rice 4
Jackson Chan 9m
Patrick Lam 18m
Danny Yu 21m
Justin Ming 63m
Keeper: Kevin Kei
Peter Bian – Y USB
Team list with numbers

1956 XiFeng 1?
#11 8m
Keeper: Boring Gao
Yellow #11, USB

Team list – No NUMBERS

No cards


SR Sports vs Pacific Dragon 40 @ Minoru Oval

SR Sports 40 – 1 vs Pacific Dragons40- 2

SR Sports

Goal keepers – Yi Yang

Goal Scorer’s

#9 Jiang Fu

Cautions/ Ejections

#3 Gao Bo – Yellow, USB, Careless challenge, kicking at player as he goes by him on the attacking half of field.

Pacific Dragons40

Goal keepers – Andy Sau Fung Chan

Goal Scorer’s

#53 Sunny Luk

#Own Goal

Cautions/ Ejections

#5 Daniel Chun Ching Chan – Yellow, USB, used Foul language in a heated exchange of words, told him to “Fuck off”. More of a “frustrated” curse word.

Good match, chances at both ends. Solid defense at both ends.

SR Sports challenged me at every call against them, they were the more aggressive team.

**Official Team list provided by SR Sports, written one provided by Pac Dragons at the half.

**Linesmen provided by SR Sports, none by Pac Dragons

Regards, Harry Rahiman


SR Sports vs Unicorn FC 40 @ Minoru2

SR Sport 4
9(3) John
11 Jian
2 Liu Hui – Went into a tackle with studs up making contact with opponents foot.

Unicorn 40 1
11 Felix Chiu
17 Kambiz Parvizi – Aggressively retaliated, attempting to kick an opponent after he was fouled.

Lineman were provided, teams had matching uniforms and team lists were provided though SR Sport had to hand write theirs.




Pacific Dragon 40 vs 1956 XiFeng&HomePark @ Minoru Oval

1956 XiFeng- 2 vs Pacific Dragons40- 2

1956 XiFeng

Goal keepers – Boris Yanmin Gao

Goal Scorer’s

#16 Ming Ni

#8 Yan Xu

Cautions/ Ejections

#16 Ming Ni – Yellow, USB, Careless challenge, kicking player. Both players challenge on a 50/50 ball, Ming continues to at kick player after the play.

#6 Zheng Ma – Yellow, USB, Careless challenge, after getting beaten defender grabs and pulls down attacking player.

Pacific Dragons40

Goal keepers – Andy Sau Fung Chan

Goal Scorer’s

#11 Philip Chi Hang Leung

#5 Daniel Chun Ching Chan