Vancouver Sower Society of Education Charity Cup 2016

Hi All Teams Manager,

Please be informed that our Cup Game sponsored by “Vancouver Sower Society of Education` are going to be carry out in the following week,  the draw will be carry out in this coming week Thursday 6-30-16  together with our sponsor representative in Soccer Link at 7pm,  all teams manager are welcome to attend for the draw ceremony.    

Cup Game Rules and Regulations:    

1 .   Both Over 40s and Over 50s 

 2 .   Knock-out Stage

 3 .   90 mins Full-Time (5mins break)

 4 .   3 Penalty shots and sudden death after tied in 90mins regulation times.

 5 .   Linesman provided only in the final game.

 6 .   No players transfer 

 7 .   Lose Teams will enter to the Consolation Cup

 8 .   Only one Champion in each division including consolation

Note:  Due to the Nation Cup are going to carry out in July 15th to 17th , there will be no games carry out between 07-12-16  to  07-22-16.