SoccerHolic SC vs Golden Tea @ Minoru Oval (Rescheulded)


Unicorn FC 40 vs Team Rice @ Minoru Oval


CanBee Honey vs Unicorn 50 @ Minoru Oval


Team Rice vs SR Sports @ Minoru Oval


SoccerHolic SC vs CanBee Honey @ Minoru Oval


1956 XiFeng&HomePark vs Unicorn FC 40 @ Minoru Oval


Unicorn 50 vs Fire Kirin @ Minoru Oval

Fire Kirin 1
#13 Nihad Krupic
#11 Kamal Meskine
– Stepped into a player on a potential breakaway, breaking up a promising attack.
#83 Oleksandr Smtchenko
– Reckless tackle going into the tackle with studs up, making partial contact.
Unicorn 1
#10 Mark Wu
I abandoned the game at the 84th minute after the tackle by Oleksandr which resulted in the yellow card.
Fire Kirin was more negative amongst themselves than they normally are. Normally there are a couple of players yelling at the team,
but this game at least half the team was yelling negatively the entire game. It never stopped; it was constant. They were extremely intense as
if losing this game was not an opposition!
At the halftime whistle, one of the Fire Kirin players threw his jersey to the ground while stomping off the field yelling something about, “I’m done you guys are Blah, blah …”.
They calmed him down during the half break and he returned for the second half.
Anyways, the Unicorn player that was fouled was quite incensed and said “You could have broken my leg, I have to work tomorrow”. Other players from both teams
started milling around with a lot of jawing and some pushing and shoving occurring. One Unicorn player grabbed the ball and said “you want to win that bad, well let me help you”
and punted the ball towards his goal net.
At this point I decided that these two teams were not interested in playing soccer anymore and I abandoned the game because I didn’t think I could restart it safely.

SR Sports vs Pacific Dragon 40 @ Minoru Oval

SR Sports 40 – 0 vs Pacific Dragons40- 1


SR Sports 40

Goal keepers – Yi Yang


Cautions/ Ejections

#12 Guowei Han – Yellow, USB, Reckless studs up challenge


Pacific Dragons 40

Goal keepers – Andy Sau Fung Chan

Goal Scorer’s

#13 Howard Chang

Cautions/ Ejections

#26 Seth MacInnces – Yellow, USB, Reckless challenge tripping opposing player


Good match, chances at both ends. Solid defense at both ends. Chippy play at times

**Official Team list provided by SR Sports, Pac Dragons

**Linesmen provided by both teams


Regards, Harry Rahiman


Fire Kirin vs Golden Tea @ Minoru Oval

Golden Tea vs Fire Kirin
Golden Tea 3
goals by Guo Wei Fan (2), and kevin yong jian gong (1)
Yellow card to Kevin Wang for a late tackle (USB)
Goalie was Bin Wang
Fire Kirin 4
goals by Oleksandr Smtchenko (3) and Kamal Meskine(1)
yellow cards to Kamal Meskine for a late tackle (USB), and to Nasser Najm for decent
Goalie was Billly Siu fai
Just a question to the league……….. How many imports can be playing on the field at once. I noticed that when FK had 5 imports playing at the same time that the flow of the game changed and it didn’t seem like the Chinese league I was use to refereeing. I know before there was a 3 import player max at all times but maybe this has changed. It just didn’t seem fair to the rest of the team to have all these new players on the field while the Chinese players sat on the bench. The respect between both teams changed.
PS you may want to go watch a game where FK is playing. Please keep this confidential to the board.

Pacific Dragon 40 vs 1956 XiFeng&HomePark @ Minoru Oval

Hello! This is Mato Lugonjic soccer referee. I officiated a game in Richmond Minoru O, on Tuesday Nov. 16.2021, at 21.00 hr, between Pacific Dragon, and 1956 Xi Feng division over 40,s. The score is Pacific Dragon 3:1 1956 Xi Feng. The keeper name for team Pacific Dragon is Andy Sau Fung Chan, for team 1956 Xi Feng the keeper nam is Boris Yanmin Gap. The scorer for team Pacific Dragon is Sunny Leung Luk Chien, Lothar Chan, and Howard Chang. For team 1956 Xi Feng the scorer is Will Wei Gao. I issued two yellow cards, one yellow card I isssue team Pacific Dragon player Daniel Chun Ching Chan ( tackle from behind ), and one yellow card team 1956 Xi Feng player Will Wei Gao ( aggressive challenge ). Both teams provided linesman. No any other incident to report. Thanx Mato