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BCCSF is proud to announce the one-year youth soccer training program for children ages 5 to 14 years old. The main objective of our program is to provide a good environment for children to play soccer, learn to build teamwork and improve self-confidence.

卑詩省華人足球總會青少年足球一年訓練課程為歲 5 至 14 歲青少年而設,主要目的是讓青少年能在良好環境下培養出對足球興趣與熱誠,讓他們知道怎樣與其他隊員合作溝通,透過足球比賽來增加自己的自信心,更希望他們將來能成為足球圈的接班人。

Summer Camp 2019 青少年足球訓練2019

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One Year Program 一年計劃

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